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Michele Sacy Chacour
When I started my university studies I realized that I was not made for an administrative work. Hence, I decided to go into the art field which was expected as, throughout my childhood our house has always been in a constant state of creation. Another powerful influence was the fact that I grew up in Beirut, the place where art and design are very important and prevalent. Therefore, I went to Paris to study and came back to Lebanon to start a business that I’ve longed for, in a country that evaluates art and artists as well.

Effet design
is an innovative and contemporary Lebanese boutique for home accessories and art de la table established since 2005. In our boutique, we create table accessories and other fashion breaking ideas adding the touch of style and elegance to the table decoration in all kinds of ceremonies and events. Our items are made of different materials such as copper, stainless, nickel, acrylics, leather, wood, concrete, etc… We also make different designs and engravings on glass and porcelain tableware. To complete our range of products, we create special designs of tablecloths, runners and placemats made out of fine fabrics (silk, organdi, organza, linen…) and we customize your table linens to your plates, glassware.. by customizing embroidery on the tablecloths. In order to harmonize the whole effect, we suggest napkin rings, candleholders and any object that can really make your table look amazingly different. We plan all decorative accessories and artistic items for luxurious five-star hotels and provide corporate gifts for prestigious banks and companies. Finally, our good quality design is as good as its execution which is done in the best studios in Beirut. Our main shop is located in Beirut but we also sell at the prestigious “Beirut Museum” as well as in many shops in the Emirates. Within our range of products, we look forward to expanding throughout the region.


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